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Oceanview room closeup

To best accommodate our guests, the 21st Century Satellite will offer five types of digs, all of which you'll be able to reserve eith online, by calling us, or using our app in the future. Tariffs will vary by time of year. Accommodation types are detailed below, from most affordable to most luxurious. At least one will suit:


Mars type motel rooms have a studio layout, and include:


In addition to all of the above, our Neptune apartments will also feature or upgrade the following amenities:


Astro type apartments are similar to the standard 'Neptunes', but are special pet-friendly accommodations, without any breed restrictions. We want your animal companion to enjoy their time at the 21st Century Satellite as much as you will.

Astro apartments include:


Our Jupiter apartments are similar to the Neptune type, but will offer a second bedroom providing amenities identical to the first bedroom, plus an additional bathroom.


Offering the ultimate in seashore motel accommodations, our Saturn luxury suites are one-bedroom apartments that provide the following upgrades and amenities over our Neptune apartments: