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We are offering a limited period where you may make a pre-payment towards the 21st Century Satellite that will entitle you to various special rewards. At the end of the period, you will receive a certificate noting the perk you've received - which will correspond to the level of pre-payment you've made - and the pre-payment amount itself. A voucher will also be prepared in your name once the motel has a firm opening date, which will be mirrored on the voucher as its date of issue. Your voucher and certificate will both be sent electronically via e-mail. If your file for each is ever lost, let us know and we'll send you a new one. If desired, we can also have paper copies of each mailed to you (by request).

Your pre-payment voucher can be redemed towards any chargable service at the 21st Century Satellite Motel, even if you are not staying with us but might want something from our restaurant or gift shop. You may also use your voucher balance towards the one or two night's stay normally requested in advance to secure a reservation, instead of having to send in a new deposit. Unlike some "gift cards" available from other businesses, there are no fees - hidden or otherwise - involved with vouchers from the 21st Century Satellite. It is valid for 10 years following the initial opening of the motel to the public, and will never lose any of its value over this period. Only your actual usage of the voucher will reduce its balance over the term.

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A description of each level of rewards you will be entitled to for your 21st Century Satellite pre-payment follows below. Please note that each higher level of reward and its corresponding pre-payment also entitles you to the perks provided at the levels preceding it. However, if you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to dedicate a part of the 21st Century Satellite, your pre-payment entitles you to just that one dedication, plus all the other non-dedication related perks.

To make a pre-payment, please see our Fundable page HERE Fundable page button, where you may also see our debut video. We believe at least one of the following rewards will appeal to you:

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To commemorate someone or something important to you, you may dedicate a portion of the 21st Century Satellite as a special reward for your pre-payment. The dedication piece itself will be styled to compliment its place within the 21st Century Satellite to best honor its subject, and may include a short story if you'd like. All of these dedications are permanent for the life of the 21st Century Satellite. You will never need or be asked to renew your special dedication - it is yours forever. We don't plan to ever go away.

All who would like to dedicate a part of the 21st Century Satellite will be invited (with a guest) to attend our launch party that will shortly pre-date the official opening of the 21st Century Satellite. Besides the event itself, all travel expenses incurred by you and your guest to attend - such as fuel, tolls, car rental, and even roundtrip airfare within the United States and Canada - will also be included. As part of our concierge service, we can even help arrange your travel plans to attend the event, if you wish. Those who dedicated a room will also receive a complimentary 3 night stay for that weekend in the room they dedicated. We feel that the people who dedicated a room should be the first to stay in it.

Reward levels involving dedications are detailed below (please also see the extra details near the bottom of this page).

All include an invitation to attend your choice of Founder's celebrations each year - one immediately following Memorial Day Weekend, the other after Irish Fest. You'll receive a further 10% discount for up to 6 nights stay leading up to the bash.

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Those who dedicate a room will also receive an additional perk that will always give you the first chance to stay in it during the seasons to come. If you expect to typically stay with us for a certain period each season, let us know when and for how many nights that is. We'll then make a matching preliminary reservation for you which will hold your room for that time through a special pre-season period, requiring no firm commitment on your part. If you need to change your plans or the periods we make a preliminary reservation for you in the future, we'll adjust this and look forward to seeing you then instead.

Our thanks forever to all who wish to support the 21st Century Satellite at this early stage. We firmly believe The Wildwoods should have a new form of the Satellite for all to enjoy, and we're greatly pleased that you do as well. Your confidence in and appreciation of it means more than we can ever say. We look forward to seeing you at the 21st Century Satellite.



Some additional details on pre-payments/rewards:

Pre-payments at the following levels have a generous maximum percentage that is redeemable per season:

All other pre-payment levels have no maximum percentage of usage per season.

Should circumstances prevent the 21st Century Satellite from opening by Memorial Day within three full years of your pre-payment being drawn, you may elect then to have a full refund of your pre-payment (though this will forfeit your reward). Your refund will be issued within 90 days of your request.