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May 17, 2017

Marking the original Satellite Motel's anniversary 59 years ago today, we're updating our future guests now to let you know work is being done on the project behind the scenes as this post is being typed. Showing we never stop to make the experience you'll have at The 21st Century Satellite better, we're noting another feature planned for the motel. Our balcony railings will have an inner bar, made specifically to hang your beach towels onto. The bar lets them be secured directly, eliminating the need for a clothesline. Dark stained clothespins, made to match the wood topped railings, will be waiting in your room.


September 8, 2016

Upstairs in the lounge at the original Satellite, movies would be screened for guests as part of the experience. Besides continuing this on The 21st Century Satellite's large display in the upstairs lounge, surrounded by expanses of glass bringing the outside in, we'll feature music nights, played on the vintage high-end stereo in the lobby's lower level, assorted live entertainment, and other arts related special events. All part of making you feel beyond the ordinary...


March 30, 2015


The 21st Century Satellite's lobby & lounge will provide common space with uncommon atmosphere. Blurring the lines of inside and out, it's your personal haunt with others nearby.

While in here, relax with our Wildwood themed books and videos, offering further sense of place. Work in fully equipped, screened off stations, giving privacy while making you feel part of the whole. Enjoy games like such as table bowling & shuffleboard, backgammon, plus chess and checkers. Or use our complimentary Wi-Fi, letting you go wherever your mind winds.

Weekly movie screenings will be playing on nights in season, continuing a vintage feature of the original Satellite.


February 2, 2015

Have three minutes? Spend them with us. Your journey begins among Wildwood memories past, including a poolside visit at the original Satellite. Then step into the future, and walk along every yard of the 21st Century Satellite to come. See the link below:



January 5, 2015

Unlike most accommodations, all rooms at the 21st Century Satellite will provide a view of the pool and deck. It's an intrinsic part of the suspended, wraparound design.

If floating in the water doesn't suit your mood while on deck, melt into relaxation that our hot tub will ensure.


August 8, 2014


While others might have concern about the bedding their hotel/motel offers, you can relax in the peace of being wrapped in 100% bamboo sheets at the 21st Century Satellite. This material is naturally anti-bacterial + anti-microbial. Bamboo also resists moisture, well-mating to a seashore environment, leaving you further refreshed.



June 25, 2014

Legend has it the origins of the hotel pillow mint or chocolate began with a request by Cary Grant. It was hoped this would be liked by a person he wanted to impress. Though its direct results aren't known, this request charmed the hotel's management which continued doing this for other guests thereafter.

In keeping the 21st Century Satellite's theme and Mid Century roots, as well as to Wildwoodize its offerings, we'll be placing Satellite wafers on your pillow instead.

Satellite candies are light, colored wafers that melt in your mouth. They contain small, bead shaped candies within their center. A taste of the boardwalk in your room.


January 11, 2014

The attention to detail the 21st Century Satellite will provide goes into every aspect of what we do. Even the microphone.

Microphone? When recording the voice over for our introduction video, a vintage Electro Voice 655c microphone was used. These mics premiered in 1958, the same year the original Satellite first opened.

Though not typically used in a recording studio for vocals, it made an excellent stage/live performance mic, including use by The Beatles and Frank Sinatra in concert during the 1960's. You can see our video, and hear the 655c's sound here:



January 9, 2014

This is the best footage of the era the original Satellite was built in that I've ever seen of the Wildwoods - the Henry Charles Fleischer travelogue on Wildwood from 1959/60.

Henry had documented many locales in his work through the years, though this is the most valuable to us! Henry passed away in 2010, though Rick Prelinger of Prelinger Archives - who does great work in rescuing and preserving film - saved what was left in Henry's studio after his passing.

Here's the copy of the movie on YouTube that Jeff Quintey processed and presented. In addition, you may download a copy of the raw transfer direct from the Prelinger Archives at the archive.org link below.

Check out the original Satellite's pool area and surroundings beginning at 3:09 (our favorite part of the movie)!




December 31, 2013

Three years after the original Satellite was no more, it was declared one of the 150 Best Buildings and Places in New Jersey by the state's chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Check out The New York Times article announcing the honor in 2007. Impressively, the Satellite was the first of the honorees noted in the article's body:



December 29, 2013

Early on in the Mid Century Modern era, Joseph Eichler helped to give a major push to the movement by beginning to build Eichler Homes, which helped to give more people the chance to purchase a modernist style house. This growth in modern design influenced style in a way that helped lead to places like the original Satellite Motel.

We hope you'll enjoy this DWELL magazine interview with Monique Lombardelli, by Luanne Bradley. Monique has created the movie PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES - THE LEGACY OF JOSEPH EICHLER, which you may view at the link below the one for the aforementioned interview:




Click HERE for a color pdf file (including photos) of this 21st Century Satellite Motel press release or HERE for a plain black & white MS Word file of it.