Finally, a beautiful icon of modernism returns, back where it belongs. Come in and relax. Kick your shoes off...


 looking up at lobby corner

The Wildwoods are our love


There's a special feeling you get from The Wildwoods that can't be duplicated. The beaches that seem to go on forever. A boardwalk that seems even longer than that. Endless drives along Atlantic and Ocean Avenues, taking in the neon glow. Excitement in returning to your favorite motel time and again, or discovering that special place for the first time. There's nothing like it.

Something's gone missing...


Some didn't see the same value in this experience. Condos now sit in place of too many classic motels. Those condos aren't Wildwood though. You could find them anywhere.

Your best times away, ones that stuck with you, have involved a great place to stay.


A memorable place. One that makes you feel there. Not merely a home away from home. That's boring. You're away for something different.


We revere the original Satellite Motel. You can't stay there anymore though.


Of all the Wildwoods' motels demolished in the previous decade's boom, the Satellite's undoing stings the most. It's greatness so strong, its absence so significant, the American Institute of Architects(*) named the Satellite one of the 150 Best Buildings and Places in New Jersey three years after its demolition.


The Satellite...once the "most fabulous ultra-modern Motel on the Jersey Cape" when built in 1958 is now only a nice memory.


It could be more than that though. It's time for a new Satellite.

It's time for the 21st Century Satellite.


A classic reborn, like never before.

Your remembrance of the Satellite brings a smile...and now the experience will be more exciting, more satisfying

...the amenities stimulating, services extensive

...with accommodations more inviting, and further choices to please

it's the Satellite anew


 looking across full length near lobby

The look of love


When creating the design for the 21st Century Satellite, it was important to make it appear authentic. At the same time, the look had to be fresh and appealing to modern sensibilities. It had to do more than look good though - accommodations and amenities to hit the spot are designed in.


To use "Satellite" in any legitimate way, the lobby had to return. Take a close look at it though - while it needed to be quite similar to the original, it's no mere copy.


 lobby front


We went on from there. Once the lobby was finished and looked just right, the main building took form as an extension of its feel. It had to move. It had to flow. Characteristics that defined the main portion of the original Satellite were adapted for the look of the 21st Century. From this inspiration, the new design fleshed out and went forward.

Come on in...


What you see outside continues everywhere you'll go at the 21st Century Satellite. Every detail is looked after. From our custom 21st Century Satellite mobile app, to the Satellite wafers on your table. Wherever you look, whatever you ask, it's all there. We'll welcome you.


Some of the essential points to come from your experience:


  • The 21st Century Satellite mobile app lets you engage with us as easily as touching your phone or other mobile device. It's there to assist with any service you can think of, including our...
  • Concierge. You won't need the app for this though. Actual human interaction will be there. Personal consideration is our priority.
  • Complimentary wireless internet service connecting you to the world from everywhere around the motel. Instead of logging in another time though, you might prefer to zone out in our lobby's...
  • Dione lounge. Take in its aura from expanses of wood and glass. Drop into a seat. Turn on the giant plasma television, or listen to Sinatra on the AMI Continental jukebox. If you want some fresh air, sit out on the balcony or walk over to the...
  • Floating pool deck. Cantilevered, to float the deck in you floating by in the pool. Or relax by its side, while pulling up a table. Then go melt into the hot tub. Dry off and enjoy a meal by the...
  • Grills, with counters and stools. Cook with friends and family alongside. Or make some new friends. If you prefer we wear the chef's hat, take a few steps over to our...
  • Restaurant, enjoyed inside or out, morning 'til night. There's also...
  • The business center to ease your work. A game room to go back to when you didn't have to work.
  • Our gym to exercise your body and mind. A salon to help you rejuvenate.


 at pool corner looking towards restaurant, grills, and jacuzzi

Room for everyone


When you're ready to unwind on your own, just open the lit door, walk into your room, and feel at peace. You'll know you made the right choice. Whatever your needs, we will accommodate. Don't want a kitchen? A Mars room will do. Like to cook inside and want a private bedroom? There's a Neptune apartment waiting for you, complete with dishwasher. Taking your pet along for vacation? Try an Astro. Have a lot of people along for the trip? Spend some time in a Jupiter. Want to really pamper yourself? Indulge in a Saturn luxury suite.



Your interest in the 21st Century Satellite is truly appreciated. We're honored to have the opportunity to present it to you.


An important part of what makes for a great motel is the feeling imparted from others also enjoying their stay. By the interaction. Maybe even getting to know someone. It's a great thing that happens between guests and also the owners & staff with you.


If that connection began ahead of your stay...couldn't that make it even more pleasant?


Would you enjoy being known by name the first time you walked in the door?


Do you hold an association upon return visits to a certain hotel or motel room where it seems like its yours?


If you felt like you were a part of the 21st Century Satellite, wouldn't that make your times with us that much greater? More meaningful?

 On oceanfront room balcony looking across pool deck

To make the 21st Century Satellite Motel complete, we need the most important thing. You. It'll be an empty place otherwise, and not just physically.


Though the original Satellite is irreplaceable, the 21st Century Satellite Motel honorably returns such a presence to the Wildwoods, and the world.


As an establisher of the 21st Century Satellite, we hope you'll be proud to be part of the reentrance of a legend to the Wildwoods that never should have left. For this you'll receive deserved recognition, beneficial rewards, and the chance to show the world you're a founding member of our family. Or shine the spotlight on someone you love.

Your time is valuable. We don't intend to waste any of it. If you could take a few moments and look over what the 21st Century Satellite will offer, we hope you find it time well spent. It's sure to capture your senses...

If you find our rewards appealing, it would mean the world to us if you decide one really fills the bill. All serve as pre-payments, usable towards anything we'll offer, even while not staying with us. Whatever you choose, you'll have brought yourself that much closer to our door.

This is the one. The 21st Century Satellite.

Who wants to be our first guest?


 Satellite Motel key 101 from 2004

(The key fob for room 101 at the original Satellite, used in it's final season. It was rescued shortly before the motel's demolition.)


(*) = NJ chapter


(1963 picture of the original Satellite Motel - Mark Ehasz/Doo Wop Preservation League)