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Although the 21st Century Satellite takes its inspiration and form from the Mid Century Modern period, the modern component of this is also at the forefront. The original Satellite Motel was a forward-looking design in its initial form, with amenities to match. The 21st Century Satellite will reflect that aesthetic throughout the resort, while not forgetting the Satellite's history and its initial period of existence. Beyond that, we are concerned with your well being while staying with us, and intend to build a loyal extended family.

The 21st Century Satellite will provide the following features, amenities, and services for all our guests at no additional cost over tariff. Some of these are amenities that our competitors charge additionally for over their base tariff/rental fee, while others - like some of the items to be included within your room - are not offered elsewhere at all:


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While at the 21st Century Satellite, you may enjoy our:


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We will also offer:


The 21st Century Satellite welcomes those wishing to hold an event at the motel - whether its a business function, something centered around a happening on the island, or one that's more private. With our beautiful bi-level oceanview lobby, restaurant, vintage Continentals, and other facilities, plus our full complement of rooms and services, the 21st Century Satellite will provide a setting which enhances your event.