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 "...there is always hope that the things we love could eventually come back" - Rob Ascough


To best show off the 21st Century Satellite's form, style, and various features, let's take a walk...


lobby front

The 21st Century Satellite's lobby building not only takes its basic silhouette from the one that was at the original Satellite Motel of Wildwood Crest, it restores design features previously lost to renovation there. Generous use is made of dark stained wood around windows, the roofline's trim and its overhang, which once again has exposed beams.


looking up at lobby corner


closeup lobby roofline point

Some changes have been made that set the 21st Century version of the lobby apart from the original. Perhaps the most obvious is the substitution of a balcony in place of the deck used on the original. A large, sliding glass door provides access between it and the 2nd floor lounge. The lobby's 2nd level will now serve as overhang to our driveway below, with an electric glass door alongside for convenience. White chopped flagstone is used here and elsewhere outside. A conventional metal and glass door is at the front of the building like the one at the original Satellite, but will now match its neighboring windows in height, with a stone pathway. The position of the roof's peak has been moved horizontally somewhat, now peaking at the center of that side of the building, lending the building even more of a house look. A neon sign will be atop its peak, in the style of the initial sign used at the original Satellite. However, the final rooftop sign will reflect our full name, matching our logo, including a Telstar.

from lobby entrance


The lobby building's first level connects into the main building, spreading out the interior within both. This side of the main building house the elevators, various common areas for the motel, and provides balcony access. The balconies feature railings with a pattern of vertical bars mixed with satellites - all in the original turquoise - with dark stained wood topping it off. Each will have a bar on the inside where your towels may hang, clipped directly. Railing ends differ from this pattern, with each side of a corner using a Satellite turned on its side, flowing endlessly around the bend. Given their "open" style, a clear solid will be added within these sections for guest safety.

Oceanview rooms are each angled just enough to help you see the water. Glass shaped to echo the lobby's roofline frames your view from within. A light on your door illuminates your room's exterior.


at corner top


top room looking back


3rd floor looking across


looking back across balcony


oceanview room face on


Looking down balcony by room


Oceanfront luxury suites will have dark stained wooden entrance doors, with metal finished trim. Your divided balcony - with an additional Satellite placed between you and your neighbor, along with a white flagstone wall - features a metal finished sliding glass door, complimented by windows to each side and on top, providing full views and light, all framed in dark wood.


Oceanfront room doors facing to balcony


Oceanfront rooms balcony, doors & windows


On oceanfront room balcony looking across pool deck


The 21st Century Satellite's pool shape picks up on the angles and flowing lines seen elsewhere at the motel, as well as its neighboring building's roofline and peak. Sparsely placed chairs and tables are included on the deck renderings, giving some feel of what it will be like when here. A turquoise screen of satellites and diamonds shields this area from a walkway bordering the poolside restaurant. To differentiate and better define the restaurant, all glass is framed in metal trim, including the walk-up window. Our triangular in-deck hot tub will receive more of the satellite & diamond patterned screen around it, to protect its area.


On pool deck looking towards restaurant


Near pool corner bend


Hot tub and screens


Grills for cooking are each integrated within their own station, featuring a counter and stools, allowing you to cook and dine at the same place.


Grill table stools looking towards restaurant take out window


Grill cooking area closeup

Floating stairs allow you to walk to and from ground level, right through our deck.


Looking down staircase at deck top


Floating stairs at ground bottom looking up


Floating stairs side view through deck top