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lobby roofline & face closeup looking across full length near lobby lobby at ground level + front door midway 3rd floor balcony looking down by pool deck back end by restaurant on pool deck looking back grill + table + stools from front looking towards luxury suites with pool deck below

When guests take in The 21st Century Satellite, they've arrived where history meets tomorrow, letting go of the weight of today. Upon pulling up, a sense of wonder and wow is felt, appreciative of the beauty, already knowing they made the perfect choice. Entering our lobby, rising through a chiming elevator, unlocking their private refuge, doors have opened into something novel. All is effortless, and more than expected. Looking around, it flows endlessly, though still intimate, and never isolated. Classic and modern, familiar yet fresh, it's just right. Appreciated. Refreshed. At peace. Fulfilled. At last.

The 21st Century Satellite embodies what's possible in a new motel created in the Mid Century Modern style. It also returns the iconic Satellite Motel back into The Wildwoods. The unmistakable Satellite lobby, with its long, dramatic roofline, returns anew, complimented by fresh, ultra-modern design used throughout. Choices in room type include motel rooms, one bedroom apartments with kitchens, pet friendly one bedroom units, two bedroom apartments, topped off by luxury suites. A poolside restaurant will also serve the public. Guests may use our salon, gym, and business center. Our mobile app puts the 21st Century Satellite in hand, including concierge. Most importantly, the 21st Century Satellite will deliver the warm, personal care and service that can only be offered by an independent motel at its best, along with the welcoming, relaxed, joyous feeling the 21st Century Satellite provides by its nature.

The original Satellite Motel was a Wildwood landmark that has drawn the attention of people through various parts of the world. Though nostalgia which some have for the original Satellite forms our foundation, the memories guests make with us build a love for the 21st Century Satellite beyond mere bricks and mortar. While the excitement of it being all so new will initially scratch one's itch, the deeper bond facilitated through stays with us, enriching their souls, cements it. One will find themselves reflecting on trips past, feel the excitement for one to come, then live it all once more, feeding that powerful twinge in their heart.

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